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Chicago, IL 60616
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Chicago's Premiere Corporate Meal Solution


CEO Deliveries, Inc. is Chicago's only locally owned and operated multiple restaurant delivery service. Founded in September of 2000, CEO continues to provide exceptional, personalized service to our corporate clients as well as residential customers. Whether using our state of the art website ordering or our locally staffed call-center, you can be assured every effort is being made to provide a simple, professional and convenient ordering process and delivery from Chicago's Finest Restaurants.

Our founders' commitment to excellence is based in experience spanning many years of service in delivery operations, catering and customer service. From our humble beginnings (2 owners, 1 vehicle and a half dozen restaurants), we have grown to over 100 experienced, dedicated and personable employees and 80 fantastic restaurant partners, including ten Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants. From simple home delivery to individually labeled meals for your overtime staff or a fully staffed event for 500, our tradition of Catered Excellence Ontime will provide you with the helpful, reliable and unmistakable quality of service you truly deserve.


CEO Deliveries provides restaurant-quality meals and catering to busy individuals and organizations. We are committed to setting the highest standard of service through:

• Convenient and efficient ordering processes with knowledgeable and helpful reps delivering personalized service.
• Web-based technology that simplifies ordering for groups or individuals.
• Professionalism of our delivery staff, in performance and appearance.
• Empathetic customer service where exceeding expectations is the norm.
• Partnership with restaurant organizations who share our commitments.

The company's principals believe in ethical business practices, fair and equal opportunity employment, and rewarding loyalty and service with opportunity for personal success.


Looking to cut costs and improve your reporting functions? Want to offer your hard-working staff the convenience and benefit of in-office dining with the confidence of budgetary controls? CEO Deliveries, Inc., your one-stop meal and event shopping connection, now offers these features through our online ordering.

Overview: Group Ordering

You: Designate an account administrator who will start the order. They set the time and date of delivery (including in advance), designate if a billing reference is required, select the restaurant(s) that will be available, set a per person food budget and select the staffers who may order. For convenience, the order can be accessed either my email invitation or by logging into our website. They also can allow the invitees to exceed budget, if they provide their own credit card to pay for the overages.

Your Staff: Can receive an email invitation, including the timeline for ordering and a link to the order, or simply login into our website and be prompted with a link to the order. They are taken to the restaurants' menu and place their order. As they choose their items, they are prompted to provide their billing information, their meal choices (salad dressing, meat temperature, etc.) as well as any special instructions. And, if you allow it, they can order anything they like, as long as they pay for their individual items that are over budget. All from the convenience of their desk!

We: Email a confirmation of the order when it is final. Our Operations staff transmits your order to the restaurant and dispatches one of our specially trained and experienced delivery staff to carefully process your meals, including individually labeling each item with your staff members' names. The food is double checked at the restaurant and packed in insulated bags for transport. Your order arrives at your designated time and verified with the person receiving the food. What could be simpler?

Reporting: After the order is delivered, or at the end of the day, you receive the final billing copy, with an Excel worksheet, detailing each person's order, costs and billing information. The costs are presented in a sorted, generic format, ready to be processed. Real-time reporting for your accounting staff... how convenient! Lose an invoice? Your online account has your complete order history, available to view, print or email.

DID YOU KNOW you can also order catering online? All of our restaurants' catering menus are available through our website. We offer everything you need, from simple drop off to full buffet set-ups, including beverages. Even for last-minute/day of orders*, it doesn't have to be the same 'downstairs' menus. You have the variety and convenience of Chicago's Finest Restaurants!

*Delivery time and menu availability subject to restaurant approval. Larger orders and specialty items may require additional time. Typically, orders up to 20 people can be delivered in 90 minutes or less, depending on restaurant availability.